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Rico Zook:  Designer, Consultant, Educator

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With over 19 years of permaculture work in different climates and cultures, Rico has established himself as one of the new leaders and innovators in Permaculture worldwide. This is further supported by his work with global Permaculture organizations organizing the International Permaculture Convergence.

Rico Zook is a Permaculture designer, consultant and educator. He works with private individuals, farmers, villagers and local organizations to create environmentally and culturally appropriate life systems in India, Cambodia, northern New Mexico, and places in between. Rico also works to assist local and indigenous cultures to preserve traditional knowledge and technologies while adapting to and becoming active members of our rapidly globalizing world. 

In addition to academic and professional credentials, Rico has spent more than 35 years living in nature, including long-term residencies in California’s Yosemite National Park, the demanding Sangria de Cristo Mountains of Northern New Mexico, and as a homesteader in Northern California wilderness. For more than a decade as Land Manager for the Lama Foundation, a spiritual community and retreat center North of Taos, NM, Mr. Zook designed and transformed the rugged, cold, semiarid high-altitude site that had been decimated by wildfire into one of beauty and productivity. Using Permaculture practices and a lifetime of observation and interpretation of the natural world and how to create human harmony with it, he has built a visible and successful Permaculture demonstration and teaching site. It is a model of design integrating the needs, resources and yields of community and nature in proactive and abundant ways with respectful and restorative impacts on the environment.

In Taos, New Mexico (USA) Rico is working with the Hanuman Temple in creating a 5-acre urban Permaculture farm. 

In India, many of the projects he is involved in are based out of Darjeeling, West Bengal, which is his home for part of the year. Past projects include a bio-conservation project funded by the Critical Ecosystem Protection Fund (CEPF). Utilizing a participatory model, DLR Prerna (a local NGO) and Mr. Zook trained five forest villages in permaculture and worked with them to internalize and cycle their resource needs, thus minimizing their impacts on the critical bio-corridor in which the villages are located. Another involved a team headed by Anugyalaya (another local NGO), and included Prerna, the Catholic Diocese and Mr. Zook, designing a 16-acre Permaculture demonstration and education site. This process and the design implementation was a hands-on experience for several local, long-term students of Mr. Zook. 

In south India Rico has worked with several private clients whose projects include a university, a healing centre, a children's camp, and assisting local farmers and tribals convert to organic agriculture. Past projects have included wetlands construction for wildlife, a children's school, and many private consultations on farms and homesteads. 

In Cambodia Rico is building a network of projects and associations with NGO’s similar to that in India. He also conducts several trainings for Khmer farmers, as well as assisting in the development of several demonstration sites he has long-term working relationships with IVY (Japanese NGO working in Svay Rieng), and Ockenden (local NGO based in Sisophon and working all over Cambodia). For both of these he runs farmer and staff trainings, as well as helping to design and develop demonstration farms. 

Every year Rico visits new sites, meets new NGO’s, and teaches numerous courses, from 1-day introductions to 2-week design courses with certification, for farmers, villagers, NGO workers, and foreigners. This year was the 13th annual Permaculture Design Course in Darjeeling, the longest running course of this type in Asia. He is always open to inquiries and requests.   


Jeremiah Kidd
My passion and education in Permaculture, natural building and alternative technologies began in the late 1980's. I completed my first Permaculture Design Course in 1992 and many advance classes thereafter. In 2000 I established San Isidro Permaculture in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a design and installation company focused on water catchment, grey water systems, native and edible plant landscapes, erosion control & land restoration. I have volunteered and worked in the USA, Latin America, Africa and Asia on several projects. Download Jeremiah's resume.



Tiffany Grell

Since 2005 Tiffany has been traveling the world learning and participating in Permaculture. In 2009 she founded an urban-based Permaculture intentional community in Boulder Colorado. She recently received her teacher certification from Rosemary Morrow. She has worked directly with Rico for the past year as co-instructor and is collaborating in developing Itinerant Permaculture. She currently lives in Thailand heading the Permaculture component of the Phangan Project.



Nic Gunton

Nic has lived in Cambodia since 2008, frequently assisting Rico with permaculture training for locals and foreigners alike in various parts of the country. Nic lives on a small farm in Siem Reap where he offers workshops on soil building and other permaculture practices. Nic is the director of Astral Jester Films, an independent film company focused on producing permaculture related documentary videos (some of them featuring Rico Zook). Nic also co-operates several online permaculture resources, including the popular Permaculture Science Youtube channel and Permaculture Planet internet forum.


To see Nic's permaculture video work :



:. a m e l í a .:

Through her work in varied arenas Amelía has found herself on the cutting edge of fashion, technology, music and the sustainable lifestyle movement. Her travels around the world for business and pleasure have given her a range of multi-cultural experiences. She is a lifestyle designer in every sense of the word. Amelía’s work brings to the table a blend of business efficiency, spirituality and environmentalism creating win-win partnerships based on mutual respect, strong ethics, clear values and purposeful goals. For her, business is an art and heart expression. She primarily works with business owners, community builders and vision keepers to ensure sustainable growth while helping them realise their highest potential.
Amelía helps individuals, companies and communities bring permaculture principles into everyday lifestyle design. She is especially focused on the invisible structures that hold community together. She has developed practices and processes that merge indigenous  tribal wisdom with modern business structure. Amelía holds a Bachelors Degree in Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Communities with a concentration on Consciousness, Healing and Ecology from the New College of California. She has launched six companies of her own and has consulted numerous start ups and entrepreneurs. She became a student of Rico's in 2006 and has been a continuing student, colleague and co-inspirier ever since. To learn more about her work with sustainable communities and individuals visit her website:



aManda Green

aManda was raised between the Bay Area California and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Since 2003 she has been involved in various arts and environmental educational programs in Santa Fé, Oakland, Bahia Brazil and Southern India.  In this time she has used art and ecological education as a way to create dialog and exchange learning and experience across cultural divide.

In 2005 aManda received her B.A. in Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Communities from New College of California.  She recently received a MBA in Social Enterprise (Green MBA) from Dominican University driven by the belief that the current paradigm of ‘development’ can be transformed into one that is valued based on ecological regeneration and social equity.

She currently serves as the Co-Director of Youth SEED (Social Entrepreneurship for Equitable Development) a youth leadership organization based in Oakland California.  She can be reached at




Jeffrey Allen

I have been hooked to the "permaculture-way" ever since hearing a presentation given by Rico in 2007 at a natural building workshop held at the Lama Foundation in Taos, NM. Before attending the workshop (and to this day), I have been a freelance writer on topics of sustainability and ecological awareness. In 2008, after a six-month long apprenticeship with Rico in Taos and India, I felt empowered like never before to discover and participate in active solutions to our ever-growing planetary and societal issues. The best place I found to begin the discovery process was in my backyard, which just happened to be a caretaking position in which I improved rural agricultural land adjacent to Zion National Park in exchange for refuge. Since 2008, I have been caretaker for four different landholders and had the great opportunity of honing my land stewardship skills in exchange for living in scenic settings throughout Southern Utah and Northern New Mexico. In 2009, I helped spearhead a community garden project in Toquerville, UT, while during the same period consulting on a variety of sustainable design projects throughout Southwest Utah. In 2010, I moved back to Taos, NM, to assist in the creation of a three acre sustainable agriculture demonstration site with the nonprofit organization Tierra Lucero. My work with Tierra Lucero inspired me to establish an ecological gardening business, Emergent EarthScapes, which specializes in sustainability consulting, garden design/implementation/revitalization, rainwater harvesting and integrating native ecosystems with productive food, animal and medicinal systems. My partner, CharDe, and I currently oversee an organic bed and breakfast in Taos, in which we share mountain land with a variety of milk goats, chickens, ducks, coyotes, bears, birds and elders. I am immensely grateful to Rico for helping me open up to a world of positive possibility! I can be reached via email at:   



Jude Hobbs

Jude Hobbs is a land consultant, designer, educator, and co-founder of the Cascadia Permaculture Institute and Permaculture Institute of North America.  With over 30 years experience, she utilizes whole system techniques in urban and rural settings to co-create environmentally sound solutions that inspire sustainable actions.


Through her business, Agro-Ecology Northwest, Jude works with a wide array of farmers to encourage best management practices for optimizing resource conservation, biodiversity, and watershed enhancement.

Jude teaches courses and workshops throughout the US and Canada and tends Wilson Creek Gardens in Cottage Grove, Oregon.



Jerry Schwartz

Jerry is a an organic gardener, permaculturalist and world traveler based in Taos, New Mexico. He has been working with plants and sustainable agriculture for over 20 years and is currently the owner of a landscape design business called Sticks and Stones Earthworks. When he is not working on projects in Taos he travels and has worked on sustainable agriculture projects around the world, in far flung locations, from Haiti to the Galapagos Islands to SE Asia, India and beyond. 


 Nikolas Wolff Bertulis

Sustainable futurist, infrastructure analyst and amateur naturalist,  Nik was born in Seattle, Washington to Eastern European immigrants. He was raised free-range in the city of Seattle where he studied its streets, and myriad natural ecosystems.

Nik Bertulis earned a bachelor's degree in Ecological Design from Colorado College in 1998. His professional experience includes project management for a bioengineering firm, ecological sanitation research and development, integrated bio-systems, and habitat restoration.  His projects  have ranged from helping to start the first Certified Organic Agriculture program by and for Mexicans with the Government of Mexico City, to designing and building an eco-sanitation facility for an agro-forestry research institute in Hawaii. Nik has taught several Permaculture Design certification courses. Nik built one of the first permitted blackwater treatment wetlands in Washington State and helped design the first  permitted greywater purification wetland at the eco house in Berkeley, CA. His Clients have ranged from the Government of Mexico City to Los Alamos National Laboratory. 

Nik Bertulis currently works for the DIG Cooperative, an Oakland based ecological design/build firm he co-founded specializing in integrated water systems. He is visiting faculty at the San Francisco Art Institute and is an organizer for a start-up sustainable living center called the PLACE.

Nik has lived and worked on five different continents and speaks several languages. He is also an avid gardener, tinkerer and bicyclist.