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« 10th Annual Permaculture Design Certification Course »

7th to 21st November 2013, Darjeeling, India 

This is the longest running permaculture course in India.

This course is both for those who want a general but comprehensive introduction to sustainability and how to create it, as well as those wishing to get a complete and in depth introduction to permaculture, all its component elements, and the process and methodologies for creating a holistic permaculture design. It is especially beneficial for farmers, ranchers, all types of agriculturalist, architects, urban planners, engineers, resource managers, and anyone else who works with our physical world or does design work in its many forms. However, one does not need to be going into a permaculture career or a related field to benefit from this learning. Many artists, medical professionals, business people, housewives, and others have gained insights and understandings that have enabled them to both increase their quality of life, as well as move all their endeavors towards creating a more sustainable world.

Using a variety of learning techniques and strategies this course presents Permaculture as an integrated design approach to create sustainable human habitat. Course time will consist of traditional lectures, guest presentations, group discussions, games, exercises, hands-on projects, photos, movies and site visits. While we will focus on land systems, many discussions and examples will be explored of applications in the 'Invisible Structures'. These are the social, cultural, political, and economic structures we create as humans that powerfully shape much of our world today.

Not only will the course be about Permaculture, but it will also model it by its structure and the environment we create together during the course.

During the latter part of the course design teams will be formed and given real life design assignments that are relevant to the course venue.  The course will culminate with each team giving presentations of their designs to the class and interested local people and groups.  These designs will be left with venue to become valuable resources for them.  Elements to whole sections of past student designs have been incorporated by many sites were this course has been hosted. 

The venue is in Ampbotay village in Mineral Springs. Mineral Spring Sanjukta Vikas Sanstha is a certified organic and fair-trade collective of 456 small farmers living in 14 villages near Darjeeling, India. The area includes thousands of acres of organic farms, with hundreds of acres of mature food forest, whose major crops are tea, oranges, ginger and broomstick. Participants are given homestays with local farmer families, with much of our food coming from local farms. This is not only a chance to learn how to live sustainably, it is an opportunity to meet and interact with local Indian farmers in an equitable and mutually beneficial way.

 COST: International Candidates Rs. 23000:00
Indian Nationals outside Darjeeling but working in India Rs. 17000:00
Indian Darjeeling Resident Rs. 11000:00
FACILITATED BY: Rico Zook and staff of DLR Prerna 
Phone Number +91 354 2255894