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« Holistic Farm Design Workshop »

4th-6th June, Neem Karoli Baba Ashram and Hanuman Temple, Taos, NM


This workshop will integrate hands-on experience with an in-depth introduction to what makes a farm (or any system) holistic, regenerative and resilient. We will look at the foundations of regenerative systems, as well as how permaculture principles can be applied in both physical systems, such as a farm, and in invisible systems, such as communities and organizations.
Much of our hands-on work will focus on finishing the ashram’s newly-dug pond.  This project will give us a direct example of systems integration and how elements on a holistic farm interlink and support each other. We will be working with the water element-shaping the earth it moves through, deciding how it will interact with the landscape, and thinking through how these decisions relate to plantings and crop production.
Hands-on work may include:
·         Designing and planting a “food forest” in the ashram orchard
·         Hand finishing (micro-shaping) the pond dam
·         Seeding and planting the dam and around the pond and overflow acequia
·         Creating the pond’s overflow and digging the overflow’s acequia
·         Linking the overflow acequia to the fields for flood irrigation