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27th May - 11th June, 2017
Hosted by Permaculture Design International
Cricket Cove Farm, Virginia 

Based on the Permaculture ethics and principles: earth care, people care & fair share, developed in the 70’s by Bill Mollison & David Holmgren, this course will teach you how to use design to better enable you to turn your environment into a sustainable and regenerative system. You will learn to utilize many strategies and choose which techniques to use, in order to create a world of abundance for you and those around you.
 Using a variety of learning techniques and strategies this workshop will present Permaculture with all of its applications in mind. Class time will consist of traditional lectures, guest presentations, group discussions, games, exercises, photo shows, and movies. 
 We will focus on land systems with as much hands-on work and examples as possible. Our hands-on projects may include: grey water installation, sheet mulching, harvesting microorganisms, and gardening work.
Many discussions and examples will be explored of possible applications in ‘Invisible Structures’, those social, cultural, political, and economic structures that shape much of our world today. Not only will the course be about Permaculture, but it will also be modeled after its structure and by environment we create together during the course.
 This workshop will involve group work with students completing a real life design project on a site near the venue. Once completion of the 72 hour Permaculture Design Course theoretical and practical knowledge of Permaculture will be gained and at the end of the workshop participants will receive a certificate that will enable the participant to practice as a Permaculture practitioner.
About Cricket Cove Farm, from Marianne, our host:
Our home, our farm, my passion and dream come true, gives me pause everyday about the natural beauty & bounty of Mother Earth.  We celebrate the magic that happens when we partner with the rhythms of nature and deliberately work in concert with our surroundings.  This journey has been healing, healthy and extraordinarily satisfying.  6 years ago we became USDA Certified Organic and Certified Bio-Dynamic as we further commit ourselves, and our community, to heritage farming techniques.
Learn more about Cricket Cove Farm at:
We offer 2 camping locations, both with hot showers. Limited indoor accommodations are available for an extra fee. 
Marianne -
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