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2nd - 18th October, Mas Pujou, near La Garrotxa, Spain
"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Ghandi 

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Permaculture Design Certificate Course 
2nd -18th of October in Catalunya, Spain
17 day, 72hour PLUS curriculum Full of practical knowledge, hands-on 
 experiences, outdoor learning and design exercises, in a place of great 
 natural beauty. *PLUS optional yoga, nature connection/deep ecology 
 exercises, mindfulness practices, food-as-medicine talk and more!  
Mas Pujou, near the historical town of Olot, in La Garrotxa natural protected area of Catalunya, Spain, our location for the duration of the course.
Course Overview
A 17-day PERMACULTURE DESIGN CERTIFICATE (PDC) Plus with over 72 hours curriculum,full of practical knowledge, hands-on experiences and design exercises in a place of great natural beauty. The PDC program integrates with optional daily yoga sessions ,mindfulness practices, Deep Ecology/ Nature Connection exercises, outdoor learning and community living. The course takes place from the 2th-19th of October 2015 in a wonderful rural stone house and stunning natural surroundings of La Garrotxa, near Girona and Barcelona. Participants will be immersed in an inspiring learning environment while living close to nature for the full duration of the course. 
This unique course will consist of a broad range of topics applicable to life anywhere on the planet, at the same time catering to specific needs of the participating students.
Topics will include:
• History and Definition of Permaculture
• Ethics and Principles of Permaculture
• Design Process and its ecological design         
• Patterns in Nature
• Climatic Factors and microclimate enhancement
• Hydrological Cycle
• Land Restoration Techniques
• Hot Composting
• Soil Food Web and its repair
• Water Harvesting Techniques
• Tree Crops and Food Forests
• Regenerative Earthworks
• Climatic Specific building and cultivated ecology
• Natural Building Strategies
• Animal Management in Permaculture
• Social and Financial Permaculture
• Local Food systems
• And many more fun and dynamic activities!

The course is adapted to a wide variety of learningstyles and is presented via lecture, images, video,group discussion, individual and group exercises,and hands-on design projects. Class usually lastsfrom about 9 AM to 6 PM.