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Services Offered

All of these, including costs, will be unique for each client and site as each of these is itself unique. To bring the Client’s vision and the site together into multi-layered, mutually beneficial relationships necessitates a collaboration of the client, myself, and our team focused on this understanding. Together we will create the design package or consultancy that best supports both client and site. These documents present different baselines from which we can begin to build our specific relationship, with its agreements and deliverables. So the following frameworks should be considered as guidelines and possibilities rather than ridged and set. Due to this, and other variables, it is not possible to include fee charges here. If requested an accompanying document giving general fee charges will be provided after discussion with the potential client and an initial visit to the site.


From roof terraces to nations, including home, farm, organization, ranch, community, village, and larger.

A Design Package is a framework by which we create a design for a specific site in collaboration with the client. The Design is completed within a specific timeframe that the client and I agree to. What is included in the design can vary somewhat depending on budget, client needs and site specifics. A Design Package has a flat fee, design specific charge where the client receives all design graphics and documents upon completion of the design.


Consultancy is a relationship that commonly has a specific focus or purpose within a larger vision, with a single fee or fees paid on a specific schedule. It can be project or time specific. It can be a generalized consultancy to assist the client and/or team to create a sustainable or Permacultural design, project or site, or one with a specific component or focus within a larger vision/design.


We support and welcome working in collaboration with others. If this is the client’s intent, there will need to be a process to integrate members into this collaboration. We would want to meet all others involved in this collaboration, preferably in a timely fashion. We would need good clarity of each collaborator’s area of contribution, as well as each of our responsibilities in manifesting the client’s vision.

We are open to working in collaboration with others to meet the standards of a Permaculture design, site or project. If we are the partner that brings the legitimacy of calling or promoting these as Permaculture ones, and/or if we function in this mode to bring and establish a level of sustainability, the client’s and my relationship and agreements must reflect this.