(adjective) Traveling from place to place, most often related to labour or a trade; itinerant farm worker, itinerant priest. Learn more.





We are proud to introduce Permaculture Design International, a new commercial design group founded by Rico and other top-level American permaculturists working internationally. Permaculture Design International offers design services for largle-scale projects worldwide.

A message from Rico:

I started practicing Itinerant Permaculture in the fall of 2004 with my first trip to India. At the time I did not realize the extent to which this would change both my life and who I am. It has been a long and surreal trip ever since. I have seen both extreme beauty and extreme ugliness; have experienced intact and functional traditional cultures as well as cultures fractured and devastated by the dominant global paradigm.

I have learned so much while struggling to share invaluable information and understandings in cultures vastly different from my native. I have seen all too often no perceivable benefit come out of my work, while occasionally a simple word or insight that altered someone’s life profoundly.

And now slowly, after years of traveling this road with persistent observation and brutal self-reflection, I am starting to see the deeper insights and understandings necessary for effectively practicing this type of permaculture. It is, like permaculture itself, an ongoing process. My hope is to share these insights with others so they may build and improve upon them, while avoiding some of the pitfalls and failures I have traversed.

This website is both my personal representation on the web, and a resource base for those interested in Itinerant Permaculture. This latter part is mostly covered by the Itinerant button, which has some downloadable material. If you wish to contribute written material or other resources to share about Itinerant Permaculture please go to this page to begin the process.

For information about projects I am involved in or possible volunteer opportunities go to the Places section to the left and click on the country of your interest.