(adjective) Traveling from place to place, most often related to labour or a trade; itinerant farm worker, itinerant priest. Learn more.





Upcoming Courses:

  • Dec 12 - 28, 2015: Hyderabad PDC, co-taught with Narsanna Koppula
  • 10th March - 15th April: Darjeeling PDC


The India National Permaculture Convergence will be hosted this coming Febuary by Arnaya Agricultural Alternatives. Follow this link for more information: 

Rico is a founding member of the groundbreaking firm Permaculture Design International, a full service, high quality design and build firm specializing in ecological design for farm, ranch, homestead, business, community, development and organization. Like a good permaculture project this firm has many functions and multiple diverse objectives. Permaculture Design International (PDI) is a design, build, train, and management firm with the capacity, skill and experience to work large scale, globally visible projects anywhere in the world. It is based on a collaborative networked model that allows flexibility, adaptability and high capacity to best service the projects it is involved with. The business model it is creating is open source so that others can use it as a model for development of their own businesses. additionally, PDI will soon be accessible to other Permaculture designers and businesses that have projects that are either beyond their resource base, or specific scope. We will build the vehicle (backend business services, resource base, consultants, and experience) for field partners to stir as we act as first mates supporting you all the way. PDI is committed to fair share and has created a sister NGO (non profit) that we will tithe a percentage of our income to. All the resources and partners are available to this organization for projects benefiting poor and disadvantaged communities around the world. For more information and a detailed overview of all that PDI offers go to our website at the above link.