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Genetically Modified Organisms

  • - Genetically Modified Organisms(food mostly), intellectual property rights, nat'l policies, and more
  • - collects info on GMO's from all over world


Peak Oil * Post Oil + Climate Change


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Permaculture forum

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David Holmgren Co founder of PC

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Water, Water Harvesting & Treatment

Organizations, Sites, and Projects

The following are Non Government Organizations, with a few businesses and private individuals included, which are working with sustainability and its multiple aspects and issues. Many are applying Permaculture directly, many do not use the word, and many may not even have heard of it.

* indicates likely volunteer opportunity. Others on this list may also accept volunteers, I just do not know.


  •* - working with indigenous and tribal communities
  • www.annadana.comSoil and Seed savers Network
  • water equity and quality
  • - U.K. ATREE ‘to integrate natural and social sciences with policy, education and socially responsible conservation action.”
  •* - Vindana Shiva's organization, documenting/preserving traditional agriculture and seeds, fighting loss of biological, agricultural, and cultural diversity see navdanya below
  • - centre for science and environment, good, check it out! great info
  •* - Deccan Development Society, hosted first PDC in India, working to preserve tradition agriculture and create food security, many great programs, videos available* - DLR Prerna Darjeeling based, Organizes pc courses for other NGO’s, locals and internationals (hosts the longest running annual PDC), works with small farm, organic tea cooperative (integrating pc, creating appropriate, sustainable tourism) as well as promoting and educating local farmers in organic agriculture and pc, has other social focused programs. Integrates Pc into bio-conservation project.
  • Development Research Communication and Service Centre, “striving to attain food and livelihood security of the rural poor through sustainable management of natural resources. “
  •* The EARTH Trust, good work, many different areas, women’s empowerment, a lot of agriculture, and health.
  •* - based in Jodhpur, Rajastan does amazing work in the Thar desert, resurrecting traditional water catchment system, traditional agriculture, works with quarry labourers, health issues, education,......
  • International Rivers Network
  • Ladakh Project, amazing work with preservation of traditional cultures and tourisms.
  • http://iaskindia.googlepages.comInstitute for Indigenous Agricultural Systems and Knowledge (I-ASK) working to record and preserve traditional and indigenous agricultural systems and knowledge.
  • centre for citizenship and democracy (has good spatial mapping) alternative economic model linking communities (esp. tribal/indigenous), ”A New Leaf" video on
  • www.keystone-foundation.orgKeystone, an Eco-development Group, increase conservation perspectives, enhance alternate livelihoods options, sustain traditional and cultural practices.
  • www.leisaindia.orgLow External Input Sustainable Agriculture Int’l organization working in India. int’l contact ilse.koehleroll@gmail.comIndia contact
  •   Kamadugha, Project to protect, propagate, popularize, and research indigenous cows.
  • www.thp.orgThe Hunger Project also working in Africa and Latin America
  •* - India, wild animal rescue and refuge services, starting to integrate Pc into their work.
  • - Ministry of Environment and Forestry, India
  • – Bangalore, sustainable architect, works w/ compressed earth blocks
  • - CART Centre for Appropriate Rural Technology, Mysore, at Nat’l Institute of Technology
  • - bangalore india, great work, local & national intentional community in south India based on Gandhian philosophy. Eco-restoration, Organic Framing, Alternative Technologies - International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development katmandu based ngo focused on the Hindu Kush Himalayas, which span seven countries Permaculture Society of India - an int'l utopian community(as one map calls it) in south India. a very interesting community of communities, guest houses, small business', farms and appropriate tech endeavors. many good things to see there. has some pc sites, large and small.

The Following Are in Auroville, but Operate Independent of It

India Media and Information Sources


  • Bees Unlimited
  •* ConCERT connecting Communities, Environment and Responsible Tourism. Has support Permaculture and its teaching in Cambodia. Excellent organization that links volunteers with appropriate organizations.
  •* International Volunteers of Yamagata a Japanese organization working with the farmers of Svay Rieng Provence in southeast Cambodia. They have sponsored several Permaculture trainings and farmer consultation.
  • Experimental and Demonstration Farm where Permaculture techniques and strategies are being implemented.
  •* Ockenden a local NGO that works with local farmers and tribals. They are supporting and teaching permaculture to local farmers and the recently settled tribals that use to practice Slash and Burn cultivation. They are also working to secure the tribals’ rights to their traditional land, dangerous undertaking in Cambodia.
  •* - This Life Cambodia, Siem Reap based NGO that develop educational programs that directly benefit children and their communities.